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2h journey for deep relaxation and a revitalisation...

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Water is the source of all life and the first element of a Spa. That is why our Spa offers exceptionally pure water, purified and treated naturally without any chemical additives.

Your detox journey starts with the four-step course in the heat experience rooms. For your comfort, our course features heat benches inviting you to take a break between each step.

Your journey of « wellbeing » begins here…

The starting and finishing point, our Relaxation room with the Himalayan Salt wall, invites you to transition from the outside world.

Step 1, the Tepidarium

The Tepidarium produces a gentle heat (45°c / 50% humidity) that allows your body to acclimatize slowly for optimum detox.

In the middle of the room, hot stones regularly receive scented water moistening and perfuming your space.

Step 2, the steam bubble

The journey continues in a vapour bubble that accentuates the sensation of warmth (42°c / 100% humidity).

Our hammam, a cocoon illuminated by a central waterfall, soothes the senses.

Step 3, the Bio Sauna

The Bio Sauna offers dry heat (50% humidity / 60°c) with the wooded scents to continue your detox course.

In a light wood environment replicating the bow of a boat, TV screens broadcast videos of a beach and waves crashing on the sand to optimise your relaxation: a unique technological innovation at the Spa at Les Terrasses d’Eze ****.

Step 4, the Finnish Sauna

The traditional Finnish Sauna (20% humidity / 90°c) closes these detox experiences with heat.

To enhance the benefit, you can cool off with our ice wall and fountain to energize and stimulate your immune system.

Experience the journey of Sensory showers with different colours, pressures, jets and aromas, to relax and enjoy yourself.

An indoor hydromassage pool completes our deep wellness Spa course. Providing different waterfalls, a whirlpool, jets and benches, our swimming pool offers you standing, sitting or lying hydromassages as you gaze out to sea.

Deckchairs around the pool and in the relaxation room provide lounge space to relax and enjoy a cup of tea.


For hotel guests ****

30 € per person for spa access (duration of the deep wellness SPA access: approximately 2h30)

For external guest

60 € per person for spa access (duration of the deep wellness SPA access: approximately 2h30)
500 € for a card of 10 sessions of spa access (duration of the deep wellness SPA access: approximately 2h30)

Children under 16 years old are not allowed in the deep wellness Spa area

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